Twenty sentences to survive in Hungary


  1. Jó reggelt kívánok! Good morning!
  2. Jó napot kívánok! Good afternoon!
  3. Jó estét kívánok! Good evening!
  4. Jó éjszakát kívánok! Good night!
  5. Viszontlátásra! Good bye!
  6. Örülök, hogy találkoztunk. It is nice to meet you.
  7. Köszönöm szépen. Thank you very much.
  8. Elnézést kérek. Excuse me.
  9. Nem beszélek magyarul. I do not speak Hungarian.
  10. Mennyi az idő? What time is it?
  11. Hogy van? How are you?
  12. Nem értem. I do not understand.
  13. Érti? Do you understand?
  14. Hol kell átszállnom? Where do I have to change?
  15. Hol van a posta? Where is the post office?
  16. Hol lehet jegyet venni? Where can I buy a ticket?
  17. Mikor nyit a bank? When does the bank open?
  18. Hol van jó étterem? Where can I find a good restaurant?
  19. Fizetni szeretnék. I would like to pay.
  20. Mikor zár a klub? When does the club close?                            budapest-tourists




On October 23rd 1956, students and workers took to the streets of Budapest and issued their Sixteen Points which included personal freedom, more food, the removal of the secret police, the removal of Russian control etc. On October 31st, 1956, Nagy Imre broadcast that Hungary would withdraw itself from the Warsaw Pact. This was pushing the Russians too far and Kadar left the government in disgust and established a rival government in eastern Hungary which was supported by Soviet tanks. On November 4th, Soviet tanks went into Budapest to restore order and they acted with immense brutality even killing wounded people. Tanks dragged round bodies through the streets of Budapest as a warning to others who were still protesting.

Russian tanks in Budapest

Hundreds of tanks went into Budapest and probably 30,000 people were killed. To flee the expected Soviet reprisals, probably 200,000 fled to the west leaving all they possessed in Hungary. Nagy was tried and executed and buried in an unmarked grave. By November 14th, order had been restored. Kadar was put in charge. Soviet rule was re-established.