Igeragozás, múlt, rendhagyó

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Igeragozás múlt időben, rendhagyó igék:/ Past tense verbal conjugation, irregular verbs:



(én) ettem I ate
(te) ettél you ate
(ő + ön, maga) evett he/she/it ate + you, formal, singular ate
(mi) ettünk we ate
(ti) ettetek you, plural ate
(ők + önök, maguk) ettek they ate + you, formal, plural ate

(én) ittam I drank
(te) ittál you drank
(ő + ön, maga) ivott he/she/it drank + you, formal, singular drank
(mi) ittunk we drank
(ti) ittatok you, plural drank
(ők + önök, maguk) ittak they drank + you, formal, plural drank

(én) vettem I bought
(te) vettél you bought
(ő + ön, maga) vett he/she bought + you, formal, singular bought
(mi) vettünk we bought
(ti) vettetek you, plural bought
(ők + önök, maguk) vettek they bought + you, formal, plural bought

(én) tettem I put
(te) tettél you put
(ő + ön, maga) tett he/she put + you, formal, singular put
(mi) tettünk we put
(ti) tettetek you, plural put
(ők + önök, maguk) tettek they put + you, formal, plural put

(én) vittem I took
(te) vittél you took
(ő + ön, maga) vitt he/she/it took + you, formal, singular took
(mi) vittünk we took
(ti) vittetek you, plural took
(ők + önök, maguk) vittek they took + you, formal, plural took

(én) hittem I believed
(te) hittél you believed
(ő + ön, maga) hitt he/she believed + you, formal, singular believed
(mi) hittünk we believed
(ti) hittetek you, plural believed
(ők + önök, maguk) hittek they believed + you, formal, plural believed

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